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Custom Furniture


Through my education and experience, I've created pieces from a variety of periods and styles for a wide range of clients.  My work includes period reproductions, contemporary installations, and original designs.

My goal is to provide a client with precisely the piece they want.  To do so, I begin each piece with a discussion and at least one drawing or photo to work from.  This design phase is purely exploratory.  Once an agreement is reached, I'll begin work on the piece.  I'm always happy to have visitors in the shop and encourage clients to come see their furniture take shape.

Furniture Design​

Even skilled makers sometimes need help with design.  My experience in the field has given me a strong sense of design and an extensive knowledge of the techniques, materials, and products available.  I can advise makers and designers on what features may best suit their project.  If desired, these design consultations can result in a fully developed digital plan for construction.

​Furniture Repair

Having trained and worked in period reprodutions, I've gained knowledge of materials and techniques that have been successful and those that have failed.  I'm able to put this to use in repairing period and modern pieces, alike.


Understanding various finishes, woods, and tooling allows me to match wood types, colors, and textures without compromising the original work.  Repairs may range from fixing a broken part to reproducing a missing one.

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